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African Restaurant | Lille

Ethiopia and Eritrea are two brother countries of the Horn of Africa. Once these two countries were one kingdom of Abyssinia and one people, the Abyssinians (Habesha in local languages).

The Habesha Restaurant proposes to make you discover an authentic Abyssinian kitchen, subtle and fragrant. It is a mix of income from various ethnic and cultural groups. Each dish is served, as tradition dictates, with injera, a pancake made containing different flours (TEFFE endemic highland cereal, sorghum, wheat ...).

You will discover a cuisine rich in flavors and tastes with varied dishes made in the greatest respect for traditional cuisine. All our dishes are homemade and mainly with fresh products. There is something for every taste ; halal, vegetarian, Vegen, carnivore!

The meal is eaten with the hands, thus it always starts with a hand washing. It is a task of the youngest family member. Each guest uses the dish in front of him; it is disrespectful to hand over to another guest and use. Similarly, it is impolite to eat with the left hand.

To show his friendship and his love to another person, it is customary to offer her a bite called "Goursha".

Finally, the meal is not complete coffee ritual. The hostess sets up his equipment on tall grass carpets and flowers. She washes the green coffee, roasts, grinds and feeds the traditional coffee called jebena. The smell of coffee and incense burned it creates a unique atmosphere.

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